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Create Immersive Display Campaigns Across the Purchase Journey

More than 50 car manufacturers sell vehicles in Australia, and consumers have more choice than ever before. In this crowded marketplace, the pressure is on brands to find smarter ways to cut through the noise. To help rev up your auto strategy this year, we’ve studied over 200 auto campaigns from the past 12 months, to present top ways brands can use the Bonzai platform to optimise the 3 key phases of the auto decision journey.

Discovery Phase

Whether you’re promoting a pre-launch event, launching a new car, or showcasing an entire range, the ‘Discovery Phase’ of the customer journey is all about impact and creating desire. This is the time where you want to capture your customer’s attention, bring the car to life, and awaken your audiences’ imagination.
Here’s how you can connect with your customers in the 'Discovery Phase'.

Large Format Launch

TruSkin Backstage takes your creative execution to the next level. The Classic skin is integrated with video on the header that also takes up the entire background with a frosted effect.

Format: TruSkin Backstage
Features: Video, Animation

Announce Your Launch

Let your audience add important days and launch events to their calendar so they never miss out on any communication.

Format: ScrollX
Features: Video, Animation, Add to calendar

Launch on mobile

With the Mobile TruSkin Video, you can create a highly engaging experience on mobile by adding a video to the header instead of static content.

Format: Mobile TruSkin Video
Features: Video

What Works

Exceptional CTR: Desktop - 1.56% Mobile - 2.20% (average per Bonzai platform data for the year 2018)
High viewability
91.41% for TruSkin
65.2 % for ScrollX
(according to IAS)
78% campaigns in the discovery phase use High Impact Formats
(as per Bonzai platform data 2018)

Consideration Phase

Customers in this phase are looking for information about your car’s features and benefits to get a deeper understanding of how it ‘fits’ their lifestyle. More brands are now using Bonzai’s features like video, 360-degree imagery, photo carousels and photosphere, to bring the tactile showroom experience into the digital environment. Find out how you can create engaging experiences for customers in the 'Consideration Phase'.

Download Brochure

You can embed a link within the ad unit to download a brochure. This feature lets you reach your audience with relevant information at the right stage of decision-making.

Format: TruSkin Classic
Features: Download brochure, 360 degree, hotspots

Create Immersive Experiences

The Photosphere creates an immersive experience for the user. Interactive hotspots reveal more information on click and allows for more product information to be displayed.

Format: ScrollX
Features: Photosphere, hotspots

Colour Selector

Let your audience explore more options by viewing the car in a colour of their choice and help them gain further information about a model they are considering in the purchase journey.

Format: TruSkin Classic
Features: Colour selector, Animation

What Works

Exceptional CTR: Desktop - 1.26% Mobile - 0.41% (average per Bonzai platform data for the year 2018)
High viewability
91.41% for TruSkin
65.2 % for ScrollX
(according to IAS)
50% of auto campaigns in the consideration phase use video
(as per Bonzai platform data 2018)

Closer to Conversion

This phase is all about making the practical steps to buying a car clear and simple. It’s why more brands at this phase use Bonzai’s ‘call to action’ features like tap to call, embed maps and hotpots to help customers find the nearest stores, or quick links to download brochures and book a test drive. Here's how you can help your customers make decisions faster.

Deals / Offers

Showcase deals / offers and embed a finance calculator to push customers closer to conversion in their online purchase journey.

Format: ScrollX
Features: Finance Calculator

Book a test drive

With more customers confident in completing their purchase journey online, you can nudge them further down the conversion funnel by adding a lead generation form within the ad unit to book a test drive.

Format: ScrollX
Features: Video, Lead Generation Form

Find the nearest store

Embed a map within the creative unit to drive more footfalls to the dealership. Users will be able to navigate to the closest store and find all relevant information within the ad unit.

Format: ScrollX
Features: Map, Tap to Call

What Works

Exceptional CTR: Desktop - 1.66% (average per Bonzai platform data for the year 2018)
Exceptional CTR: Mobile - 0.62% (average per Bonzai platform data for the year 2018)
Approximately 60% campaigns in the conversion phase use High Impact Formats (average per Bonzai platform data for the year 2018)

Features To Enhance Your Auto Campaigns

Success Story

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