We are Bonzai

A Programmatic Creative Management Platform enabling advertisers, agencies and publishers to build personalised digital advertising at scale. We are media neutral and advocate transparency in the digital advertising ecosystem. Headquartered in Singapore, we are present across Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and India.

Our people

Rahul Pandey

CEO & Co-Founder

Sameer Shah

CPO & Co-Founder

Tresa Paul

Global Marketing Head

Manjul Agarwal

Senior Director Finance

Sandra Scott

Customer Growth Director (Agencies)

Harley Ramien

Customer Growth Director (Publishers & Partners)

Ravi Chakrapani

Director Technology

Aarti Dobhada

People & Culture Manager

A bit about us

It’s our People – the talent and passion behind our platform that truly shapes who we are. At Bonzai there is space and time to experiment and fail, to push a little further to uncover the new and to develop and express one’s full potential.

Winning together - We value collaboration and leveraging the power of the collective brilliance. At Bonzai, we believe that many minds are better than one. Our best work happens when people combine their strengths to accomplish a goal. We extend this even to our customers. Bonzai Propel is our annual conference where our people and our clients join minds to take on challenges and solve for the future.

Striking a balance: Work, Life and Fun are important in equal measure at Bonzai. We believe in the power of 'the empty space' to dream, unwind, refresh and recharge. Whether it’s Highlanders our trekking group or morning breakfasts where the team groups or our yoga sessions where we stretch a muscle or two; you will always find something that gives meaning to work other than work itself.