A premium digital format aimed at enhancing viewability and user experience for ads served across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Powered by Bonzai's TruView technology, Fillboard is designed to ensure meaningful marketing outcomes.

Maximize Ad In-View Performance

Powered by Bonzai’s TruView technology, delivers unparalleled viewability.
Strategic placement at the top of the page for non-intrusive visibility and higher brand recall.
Gain creative control with nine size options, allowing for customization and impactful campaigns.

High Impact, Cross Screen and Hassle-free

The Fillboard comes with 970 pixel width and provides flexibility of height for both main and sticky banners. You can make it interactive based on your campaign needs with over 25+ interactive elements. The format is also video enabled.


Fillboard XL

The Fillboard XL offers edge-to-edge banners, covering the entire width of the desktop screen. The format comes with flexible banner height options and all the drag and drop interactive features of the platform.

With time spent on mobile devices steadily rising, we also developed the Mobile Fillboard. With flexibility in height for both main and sticky banners you have the creative control of creating static or interactive banners using all the drag and drop elements, including video.

Mobile Fillboard