TruSkin is a responsive full-skin unit featuring a large billboard, side skins and a footer. It is used by brands for large format story telling and enhanced interactivity and engagement.

The Power of TruSkin

A large and adaptive canvas
High viewability
(91.41% according to IAS)
Single tag adapts to all pages
Compatible with desktop,
tablet and mobile
Exceptional CTR (up to 2%)
Compliant with Coalition for Better Ads

TruSkin variants

Our TruSkin suite comes with products specially crafted for desktop and mobile that add variety to a brand’s display campaign.

TruSkin Classic

TruSkin Classic gives you a large canvas for brand storytelling. It makes static ads more engaging as the skin wraps around site content.
TruSkin Sticky Video comes embedded with a video in the header which smoothly moves to the side skin when scrolled down leading to higher video completion rates as the video always remains in view without being intrusive.

TruSkin Sticky Video

TruSkin In-Sync

With TruSkin In-Sync, you can embed a video in the header and sync rest of the skin to chosen frames of the video so that the skins display different content as the video progresses.
Delight your audience with the TruSkin Reveal which recreates the effect of a curtain raising. Multiple layers of the skin slide up on scroll to reveal the messaging underneath.

TruSkin Reveal

TruSkin Backstage

TruSkin Backstage takes your video execution to another level. While the video plays in its designated space in the header, it also takes up the entire background with a frosted effect.
Mobile TruSkin is the variant of TruSkin Classic specially designed for the mobile environment. It comes with a header, slim side skins and a footer that encases the entire site content.

Mobile TruSkin Classic

Mobile TruSkin Video

With the Mobile TruSkin Video, you can create a highly engaging experience on mobile by adding a video to the header instead of static content.

Analytics for TruSkin Campaigns

Track user engagement to evaluate and optimise your campaign performance in near-real time
Gain deeper insights with 50+ standard and element-based metrics across campaigns and creatives
Analyse video strategies better with extensive video performance metrics

Master TruSkin creative builds

Choose the right file format for images - JPG, PNG, GIF
Upload custom fonts to follow brand guidelines
Keep file size to maximum 500 KB
Always design twice the size for retina displays
Select 'Save for web' in Photoshop. You can also compress images online
Ensure your video file format is MP4 and is encoded in H.264 codec
Pick the best aspect ratio for your format - 4:3 or 16:9
For programmatic creatives, the maximum video file size allowed on DSPs is 5MB
Trim the video if required to keep the duration between 6 to 30 seconds
Browser compatibility- Win 10, 8.1, 8 | Chrome 55+ Safari 10+ | Edge 14+ | IE 9+
Ensure the CTA has enough clickable space for mobile devices
Use web-safe WOFF font format
Sentences with five words stand out best
Make sure the font size for key messaging is not less than 14px