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Creative ideas to move browsers to buyers

The Australian retail landscape is extremely competitive and fast-paced. Shoppers are smart, savvy and expect a high level of value, choice and convenience – which is why we’re now seeing a surge in online purchase behaviour. With e-retail growing so rapidly and customers having more choice than ever before, the challenge for advertisers is finding personalised, impactful and highly engaging digital experiences that rise above the ‘noise.’

To cut through the clutter of noise and engage a prospective buyer, brands compete to create digital experiences beyond the ordinary. At Bonzai, we have looked at the retail campaigns from the past 12 months to present this inspiration deck for the 2019 shopping season. From high impact ad products to immersive features and interactivity that boosts action, the examples here are crafted specially for the retail category. Make this a part of your campaign planning to experience improved engagements and outcomes.


Many shoppers begin their journey undecided and are browsing for ideas. Tell your brand story, showcase products and create desire to win the interest of your customers in this phase.

Tell Your Story

TruSkin Backstage takes your video execution to another level. While the video plays in its designated space in the header, it also takes up the entire background with a frosted effect.

Format: TruSkin Backstage
Features: Video, Animation

Create Desire

Portal Classic is made of two units – the static foreground and a background that offers a choice of static image or an auto-play video.

Format: Portal Classic
Feature: Video

Showcase Your Product

The ScrollX Video enables you to utilise the entire screen of the device to play an engaging vertical video. With higher video completion rates, your video campaigns will deliver results better than ever before.

Format: ScrollX Video
Feature: Vertical Video

Add a Festive Spirit

Cater to specific occasions or add a festive spirit to your creatives with the Confetti effect. You can add custom images to create a confetti that best suits the occasion and brand messaging.

Format: ScrollX
Feature: Confetti


Customers want to know more before making their shortlist or deciding to buy. Invite them into your narrative and provide them with ‘reasons to buy’ that help their decision making.

Showcase Range

ScrollX Interactive enables you to combine features and build an effective creative. The gallery synced with the video lets you showcase multiple products and display different content as the video progresses.

Format: ScrollX Interactive
Features: Video, Gallery

Convey Choices

The carousel replicates an offline experience of browsing through product options within the ad unit and enables customers to move closer to making a decision by displaying relevant details.

Format: ScrollX Interactive
Feature: Carousel

Feature Collection Launch

Combine the carousel with a collection launch video to let customers pick and choose a look displayed in the video. Add a gallery and product details to help customers make a quick decision.

Format: ScrollX Interactive
Features: Carousel, Video, Gallery


Translate offline experiences online to create an immersive journey for your shoppers. Engage them with smart features that complement their shopping behaviour.

Announce Events

Announce store events and let your audience add the important ones to their calendar so they never miss out on any communication.

Format: ScrollX Video
Features: Add to Calendar, Video

Allow Customisation

Increase engagement by giving your customers the power to customise products to their liking and share their creations on social media platforms.

Format: Interstitial
Features: Customisation, Share to Social

Create Immersive Experiences

The Drag and Drop feature lets you create delightful and immersive experiences. It allows for a number of possibilities allowing users to
design and personalise their own products.

Format: TruSkin Classic
Feature: Drag and Drop


Help your customers complete the purchase journey once they are convinced about buying your product. Enable them to take quick actions and drive more traffic closer to sale.

Create Urgency

The countdown timer adds a sense of urgency to the creative messaging and is a key feature in announcement of sales or the run-up to events creating excitement among shoppers.

Format: ScrollX Video
Features: Countdown Timer, Vertical Video

Find the Nearest Store

Embed a map within the creative unit to drive more footfalls to store. Customers will be able to navigate to the closest store and find all relevant information within the ad unit.

Format: ScrollX
Features: Map, Tap to Call, Animation

Enable Quick Purchase

Recreate the experience of a retail shelf with the interactive catalogue feature to showcase products and prices. You can further shorten a customer's purchase journey by letting them add products to cart for a faster check-out.

Format: MREC
Feature: Catalogue

What Works

5X to 30X more engaging than standard banner formats
(average per Bonzai platform
data for the year 2018)
High viewability
91.41% for TruSkin
(according to IAS)
High viewability
65.2 % for ScrollX
(according to IAS)

Features to Enhance Your Retail Campaigns

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