Portal creates the illusion of content behind the page that the user is browsing. It constitutes of foreground and background units and mimics the parallax web effect.

The Power of Portal

Compatible with desktop and mobile
Responsive format
Single tag adapts to all pages
Non-intrusive user experience
Compliant with Coalition for Better Ads

Portal Variants

Our Portal suite has two variants to boost your display campaigns.

Portal Classic

Portal Classic is made of two units – the static foreground and a background that offers a choice of static image or an auto-play video.
With Portal Video-in-View the foreground carries a video that stays in view while scrolling over the background that has a static image.

Portal Video-in-View

Mobile Portal Classic

Mobile Portal Classic is made of two units – static foreground and a background that offers a choice of static image or an auto-play video.

Analytics for Portal Campaigns

Track user engagement to evaluate and optimise your campaign performance in near-real time
Gain deeper insights with 50+ standard and element-based metrics across campaigns and creatives
Analyse video strategies better with extensive video performance metrics

Master Portal creative builds

Choose the right file format for images - JPG, PNG, GIF
Upload custom fonts to follow brand guidelines
Keep image size to maximum 500 KB
Always design twice the size for retina displays
Select 'Save for web' in Photoshop. You can also compress images online
Ensure your video file format is MP4 and is encoded in H.264 codec
Pick the best aspect ratio for your format - 4:3 or 16:9
Encode the video file in the H.264 codec
For programmatic creatives, the maximum video file size allowed on DSPs is 5MB
Trim the video to keep the duration between 6 to 30 seconds
Browser compatibility- Chrome 55+ | Safari 10+ Firefox 54+
Ensure the CTA has enough clickable space for mobile devices
Use web-safe WOFF font format
Make sure the font size for key messaging is not less than 14px