How Bonzai’s dynamic creative solution generated 640 premium digital creatives for Westfield’s 40 stores across A/NZ

How Bonzai’s dynamic creative solution generated 640 premium digital creatives for Westfield’s 40 stores across A/NZ

The speed and scale of Bonzai’s dynamic creative capabilities, allowed Blis to deliver 640 digital creatives for Westfield to boost engagement and footfall during the Christmas rush.

Challenge: To deliver hyper-local promotion at scale

As one of the world’s most premium shopping centre groups, Westfield has over 40 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

In anticipation of the peak 2018 Christmas shopping period, Westfield wanted to promote weekly events across all 40 stores, with unique messages displayed across four different creative sizes in four different formats across both mobile and desktop. To add a layer of complexity, each store had an average of five events occurring for a four-week promotional period.

When adding the permutations and combinations of these creative requirements together, Westfield needed a bulk total of 640 unique creatives, built in a very short time-frame of 15 days.

Solution: Customised rule-based dynamic creative solution

Westfield turned to mobile location and behavioural advertising specialists Blis, in partnership with Bonzai, because they had the dynamic creative capability to build, implement and deliver these complex multi-creative requirements.

The team at Bonzai offered a rule-based dynamic creative solution, bringing the ‘640 tags’ down to 40 tags for the entire campaign by combining the location, creative size, customer segments, date and time data.

This was the first time that Westfield had such low number of tags for the entire campaign – and they were happy with the solution.

Bonzai and Blis worked closely together to create effective localised targeting, in combination with localised creative messaging. Utilising efficiencies such as dynamic creative optimisation, to create a better user experience for Westfield’s audience segments we were able to drive higher engagement and ultimately, drive higher foot traffic for Westfield,Blis’ Managing Director, Nick Ballard, said.

Result: Significant improvement across metrics

In the four-week duration of the mammoth suite of 640 creatives across both the Australian and New Zealand markets, Westfield enjoyed an overall CTR of 0.8%, well above the mobile benchmark of 0.25%.

The Westfield 2018 Christmas footfall performance in Australia saw an impressive 23% uplift compared to the prior year, while New Zealand saw a significant 33% uplift.

In addition to these impressive results, what Westfield enjoyed the most was the sheer speed and efficiency in which Bonzai, in partnership with Blis, could deliver such hyper-targeted creative campaigns at scale.

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