How Bonzai’s ScrollX format helped News Corp win a leading food brand’s ad campaign

How Bonzai’s ScrollX format helped News Corp win a leading food brand’s ad campaign

ScrollX, an extremely flexible and interactive ad format from creative management platform Bonzai, helped News Corp win a leading food brand’s ad campaign with a fresh, unique and non-intrusive creative that delivered targeted, visible and positive results.

Challenge: The search for the best high-impact campaign

In 2018, a leading food brand began searching for a unique ad solution to drive advocacy for their brand, while enabling greater reach and awareness for its range of food products.

In the past, they had tried standard display formats, such as homepage takeovers, keyword targeting mobile and desktop, as well as contextual ads and hero image overlays. But they wanted to move away from standard pop-up ads and OTPs, which tend to disrupt the user experience. The new Coalition for Better Ads industry requirements also now mean auto-expansion is no longer allowed.

The brief to News Corp was clear: present a creative solution that would help them maintain a leading edge over their competitors, while driving first-in market brand opportunities.

Our Client wanted a mobile experience that was going to gain attention and cut through all the noise, but without being too invasive, News Corp’s Advertising Product Specialist, Matthew Wheeler said. Video was also a key requirement, which they wanted to combine into the campaign to get better engagement and customer delight.

Solution: A winning solution

News Corp decided Bonzai’s ScrollX ad format was the ideal choice for boosting their client’s brand awareness on mobile. ScrollX allows advertisers to leverage a variety of features, from images, to galleries, catalogues, data-driven experiences,games and video.

At the same time, ScrollX is an ideal replacement for the older OTP style creatives, as users can scroll past and see the entire message without diving for a close button like traditional methods. And there is capacity for users to engage with the unit, which was never possible with the OTP style solutions, as they closed after 7 seconds.

ScrollX gave us the ability to run a full-page format, which could also support video, Wheeler explained. This was one of the key aspects of the format that helped us win the food brand’s brief. And when implementing the creative, the video was shot in-house, and the process with Bonzai was very streamlined and smooth.

Result: Real impact, real results

Not only did leveraging Bonzai’s ScrollX format help News Corp win the food brand’s digital campaign, but it also helped generate impressive yields. After only a month of implementing Bonzai’s ScrollX format to their client’s brand campaign News Corp saw the campaign reach high click through rate (CTR) reach of 1.56% – which is 300% greater than the industry benchmark of 0.5%.

ScrollX is a fantastic product because of it’s flexibility in utilising many different features and functions that can be tailored to meet our client’s creative needs, Wheeler said. It should be a core product in a brand’s digital mix if they are looking to cut through the noise and stand out!

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