How Bonzai’s TruSkin allowed News Corp to launch a first-in-market, programmatic high impact campaign for STAN’s Wolf Creek

How Bonzai’s TruSkin allowed News Corp to launch a first-in-market, programmatic high impact campaign for STAN’s Wolf Creek

TruSkin, a flexible and innovative ad format from creative management platform Bonzai, allowed News Corp to create a media-first, programmatic mobile advertising campaign for STAN’s Wolf Creek and achieve exceptional, targeted results.

Challenge: Thinking outside the box

Australian entertainment giant STAN was on the hunt for a fresh ad campaign to promote its new Wolf Creek showcase that was different to its standard roadblock banner ads.

They wanted something that drew the audience to the chilling story of ‘Wolf Creek’ in a creative and compelling way.

On the lookout for a flexible and interactive format leveraging large creative real estate, News Corp turned to Bonzai’s TruSkin as its go-to solution because it was both high-impact and had a vast real estate to be creative with, which makes it a highly interactive and engaging format for entertainment messaging.

And because the TruSkin unit is one cohesive canvas, the creative could be designed to react to page scroll. The skins stay in view, which ensures high viewability, meaning STAN could tell the Wolf Creek promotional story by transitioning messaging within the skins as users scrolled down the page.

Solution: A media-first initiative

But a great performing high impact ad format was just one half of the story. Bonzai’s TruSkin allowed STAN’s Wolf Creek campaign to be sold and executed programmatically, which was the first time any publisher had offered this opportunity to a brand.

Bonzai allowed us to run skins format through Programmatic Guaranteed, which wasn’t previously possible, Paul said. This was a media-first for us and we received very positive feedback. And all along the way, Bonzai were very responsive to our needs, we have a great relationship and they were very supportive as we tried this media-first campaign, News Corp’s Business development Manager Paul Omaya said.

Result: Positive performance

Bonzai’s TruSkin format helped News Corp offer STAN a media-first opportunity for the Wolf Creek campaign to run programmatically, while also achieving great results.

  • It achieved a click through rate (CTR) of 1.47% for its mobile campaign, which is 300% greater than the industry benchmark of 0.5%
  • The campaign also saw an impressive 43% increase in viewability using TruSkin compared to a standard roadblock

I recommend Bonzai because they deliver high impact and creative ad formats, they support you through any challenges of running campaigns through different channels like direct or programmatic, Paul said. We particularly liked TruSkin for its better performance and effectiveness. It gets people’s attention and can be used in so many creative ways.

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