Power-packed features to simplify your creative creation.

New Canvas 2.0 comes with features like Timeline, Responsive, Maps, Gallery & many more to delight the designers.


timeline animation

The new Timeline feature helps you in developing advanced and complex animations, in surprisingly lesser timespan. Add multiple timelines, both absolute and relative, and play them on events. With the help of the Timeline feature, you can now add multiple events and better manage elements on your creatives.

Multiple Timelines


For creatives where you want the animation for a particular element to play infinitely, whereas for other elements you want different set of animation, multiple timeline is the solution.

Relative Timelines


For advanced animations, relative timelines are helpful as they animate the elements from their current state rather than forcing the elements to animate from the pre-defined initial state.

Ease Types


Rather than making all animations linear in state, make your animations more realistic by using the appropriate easing functions. For example, if you want to show an asteroid’s orbital path, use an Ease out function.

Action & Events


Make any creative interactive easily with timeline based Events. The scenes, timelines and animations can be regulated.


Responsive creatives adjust their size along with the inmate elements to fit any available ad space. The new Bonzai Canvas lets you build creatives for different screen sizes and placement sizes along with defining resizing properties for each element. This allows elements to remain fixed or resize for different sizes. Over that, the spacing of elements from edges can also be managed through Pins. Easings let you change the acceleration and deceleration of a transition.


Canvas 2.0 lets you pin elements at a particular position in a creative when rendered across different sizes. Simply pin an element in the artboard to be either ‘Fixed (PX)’ or ‘Float (%)’. ‘Fixed type’ pinning makes an element fix at its position from its edges. While the ‘Float type’ let’s the element shift from edges proportionately.


With Canvas 2.0, control the resizing aspect of any element by using the two arrows in the Dimension section. When the size of the ad changes, the width and height of the element container also changes.

Here are a few videos for your reference

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